Special Force Ape Wars Pre-OBT Test schedule information
  • 1. Pre-OBT Information

  • - Test period : December 29, 2022 15:00 (UTC+9) ~ TBA
    - Test Area : Philippines

  • 2. Download Schedule

  • - You can download and play through the Infinity Market launcher from December 29, 2022 15:00 (UTC+9)

  • 3. Special Force Ape Wars Pre-OBT Test Details

  • - This Special Force Ape Wars Pre-OBT Test is conducted for the purpose of testing the game quality for the official opening for Filipino users.
    - Event promotion advertisements will be conducted in accordance with the official service.

  • 4. Notes

  • - Please delete the previous Special Force Ape Wars CBT version and reinstall it from the launcher.
    - The rewards for the attendance check event of CBT, which was held last July, will be paid at the time of the official opening later.
    - During the Pre-OBT period, only solo play is possible. (Team battle mode will be released at the official opening.)
    - All items in the shop can be purchased, and the items and goods acquired/charged this time will be maintained even after the official opening.
    (During Pre-OBT, only some of the costumes and characters will be released, and will be added after the official opening.)
    - The official commercialization opening time will be announced later, and detailed information for each global service will be provided.
    - Behaviors that violate the Infinity Market operating policy, such as abnormal play, may be subject to sanctions.

  • We ask for your interest and participation in the Pre-OBT that will be held this time.
    Infinity Market will do its best in the future.

    thank you