Warp For a certain amount of time, the movement speed becomes very fast.
Burn When the skill is used, the Burn buff is charged for about 5 seconds, and if you deal damage to an enemy while the buff is loaded, it deals 3 damage for 3 seconds.
Shield Temporarily creates a shield, taking almost no damage. Spawns for all friendly players, including yourself.
PowerHP The amount of Healing Potion filled with energy absorption is increased.
Slow If you roll, the stack is stacked, and when the stack is stacked 3 times, the slow buff is automatically loaded, and if you deal damage, the enemy falls into a slow state. Also, if you roll while on cooldown, the cooldown will be reduced.
Gacha When you use this skill, an appropriate item is created and dropped in front of you.
Scan You can instantly check the location and status of all enemies on the minimap.
Monstru Damage dealt to monsters increases.
Debilmon Reduces damage received from monsters.
MagneticShield The amount of damage received from the magnetic field is reduced.
Bleed If you damage an enemy, the stack builds up, if you use a skill, a buff is loaded, and if you damage an enemy while in the buff state, the enemy will bleed. The damage is increased by the amount of stacks already accumulated, and the stacks are reset afterwards.
GrowDamage Temporarily uses 50% of HP to amplify attack power.
Hidden If your health is below 20% after being hit, you will have the ability to stealth for a certain period of time.
Helper You can wake a fainted teammate very quickly.
Antiglare Becomes defense against flashbang.
Brave High chance to defend against fear effects.
Muscle Movement speed reduction due to the equipped weapon is almost nonexistent.
RecoveryHP Recovers a certain amount of HP to allies including yourself.
Silence The silence buff is charged for 5 seconds, and when you deal damage to an enemy, the enemy cannot use skills and most items for a certain period of time.
Detect Detects stealth players for a certain period of time, and also identifies clones.
Strong Using this skill increases the amount of damage dealt to enemies for a certain period of time.
Pitcher If the target point of the thrown grenade and the target's location are within a certain distance, it will help you hit the target.
TomahawkMaster Each time you throw a tomahawk to deal damage to an enemy, a stack is accumulated, and the tomahawk throwing damage becomes stronger.
Rope When this skill is used, the Rope buff is charged for about 5 seconds, and if you deal damage to an enemy while the buff is loaded, it moves the enemy to the position in front of you within a certain period of time.
Bomb You can attach bomb to a target within a certain distance, and you can detonate them at any time to inflict damage.