APE Caesar Caesar is the first Ape who went to the intermediate world, and one of the most combat-experienced Apes.
Entering the open-dimensional door in front of his house, he is attacked by monsters and humans.
After barely returning, he persuades Ape around him to participate in the war.
Don't be fooled by his playful face. The monsters and special force members who died in his hands are countless.
Delta Ace "Delta Force is known as a top-secret unit whose unit mark and official name are unknown.
In this Delta Force, there was a legendary unit who set up a brilliant major and showed the highest operational success rate, and Delta Force called him Delta Ace to praise him."
Max "Max, who lives with a strong man in his mouth, is the leader of the militia.
It happened to have a gate in front of Max's house, and he didn't want to go to the fire of the militia
he entered the world of this dimension by shouting, ""I'm a strong man."""
Sahara The only bloodline of an old man in the mountains has been praised or threatened with assassination by many, but with his outstanding ability, he has reached this dimension of the world to stop all the threats and to leave for a deserted place with skepticism and irritation in this unstable life
UDT If you ask him where he is most confident in the land, sea, and air, he, who can confidently say sea, came to divide the sea beyond the dimension by riding the dimension gate. However, contrary to what was expected, there was no sea and even no river, so he went on an adventure to find the sea.
VOB "As a member of an idol group, he is the hottest member under the stage name Victory of Best.
While filming a commercial with the concept of a match girl, a gate suddenly appeared and was moved to this dimension. You can expect to survive among monsters through the bright atmosphere and effort of idols."
Black Security "A capitalist monster who does everything when it comes to money.
Basically, he is specialized in security missions, but if you put money in your hands, you can perform all missions such as assassination and disturbance.
There are rumors in the industry that black security with money deposited may be more monster than monster beyond dimension."
Blackmamba It's called the Black Mamba because it uses VX to assassinate its opponent with its beautiful appearance and disguise skills. If you refer to the most expensive assassin in the underworld, it is naturally called the Black Mamba, and she is called the queen of the underworld.